Today, worldwide, industrial maintenance and repairs account for a significant portion of the costs, most of which are related to rusted and worn metal structures. Corrosion of metal surfaces encompasses a wide range of industries and equipment and incurs irreparable costs. These include: pipelines, oil tanks and storage of petrochemicals, power plant structures, piers and offshore platforms, ship hulls, water treatment systems, etc. Although corrosion of metal surfaces is a natural and inevitable phenomenon, but with proper implementation of protection and coating operations on these surfaces, its destructive effects can be greatly reduced and repeated and heavy costs can be avoided.

In this regard, it is very important to prepare the surfaces (rust, grease and other contaminants) before applying the protective coating layer. Exfoliation of the contaminated surface should be done without damaging the surface so that the coating and paint applied on the surface are highly durable. Gradual loss of coating ordiscoloration is the main cause of corrosion and subsequent damage.

Today, in the world, serious attention has been paid to sandblasting operations, both in the field of machinery and in choosing the type of abrasive with a scientific and up-to-date attitude. For example, in the prestigious universities of the world, chairs have been created in this field and standards have been defined for it. In this regard, Persian Garnet has introduced efficient, quality, environmentally friendly and unique abrasives for the market, which with its many advantages, can be a suitable alternative to abrasives such as ore, aluminum oxide, glossbide, etc.


Significant reduction of sandblasting costs (cost per square meter) up to 30%

  • Low abrasive consumption (about half to a quarter of other abrasives)      
  • Increase sandblasting speed (up to 2 times) due to its high hardness and density and fine and uniform grains       
  • Recyclable between 3 to 6 times depending on different working conditions

Create an extraordinary surface profile

  • Reaching the complete sandblasting standard: SA3       
  • Maximum durability of coating and paint due to complete surface cleanliness and lack of additive effect       
  • Creating different roughness (surface profiles) based on different granulations       
  • Creation of uniform roughness due to uniform granulation (reduction of paint and coating costs)

No additive effects on the surface

  • Appearance of natural metal surface without additive effect on the surface (White Surface Metal)      
  • Clean garnet grains and no surface contamination
  • Maximum durability of coating and paint due to complete surface cleanliness
  • Free of metal (non-metallic abrasive), usable for stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and the like
  • Adhere to the standard chloride content, increase the life of the coating or paint
  • No color change on the sandblast surface
  • No sparks during sandblasting

There were no environmental problems

  • Observance of free silica standard
  • No dust during operation
  • Free of toxic, radioactive and heavy metals
  • Adherence to international standards


Mesh 30-60

Mesh 20-40

Mesh 0.5-1.5

Mesh 80